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09 July
Alexey Maslov Interview

1. How do you imagine the future of transport, if we are talking about different types: cars, planes, railway, sea and river transport?

In the field of personal transport – by reducing the number and size of vehicles used in urban environment.

At that, the development is evident in the area of comfortable, fast and high quality public transport in priority to slow and cumbersome personal transport in city environment.

2. Tell us about the most interesting and important technologies that will be implemented in transport sector and when? Maybe, you can break such innovations into stages (by years)?

Key trend is the use of clean energy, specifically electricity, in terms of improving the efficiency of its use (production, storage and recovery). Composite materials of body and chassis. Fundamentally new ways of power regeneration. Appearance of synchronization systems of different means of transport.

3. In «Back to the Future» or «The Fifth Element» movies, people in cities drive flying cars (and, by the way, a flying locomotive). How long we have to wait for this? Or there will be nothing anything like that, and transport development will go the other way?

I’m personally much more bothered of how long we have left...  

Pretty soon. Just think about it – right now, any last generation locomotive can be completely stopped and blocked by the manufacturer with a simple command from the satellite, for example while driving with passengers. 

How innovations in railway transport impact on quality and speed of traffic in Russia? Both passengers and cargo. How soon we can see real progress in this sector?  

Of course positively and hopefully soon.  

6. What are the key trends in vehicle design? Where are we going to, what will happen in this area?

I believe that this trend is retro futurism of the 80-s, neo art deco and imperial style.  

7. Do Russian business and companies keep up with global trends in transportation industry? Are there any interesting examples?  

I can only point out KAMAZ, Sukhoy and Uralvagonzavod.

8. Personal transport and cargo transport are rather different. Do you survey different market segments, what trends do you see?

Certainly yes, - it’s part of my job. Personal transport segment will go down, and segment of cargo transport, on the contrary, will increase in both quantity and variety.